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Elo Kay - Godfather

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Publicado em 09 Aug 2019 / em Música Eletrônica

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♫ Lyrics:
Verse 1
I am looking for that Wi-Fi
Connection with the most high
I saw it from a blogger she told me that I am loco
So I better call my doctor and tell him I need an antidote

Buster like a soldier/ Arnold we need a chopper
Terminate like we the potters / harry before they slaughter
The butcher aren’t got no manners / he cutting but we the diamonds
We shinning we never fading/ You see us we never blinded

Stevie never wonders we are the family
The guys on the corner the ones who are anomaly
Rebels for the kingdom that Christ will syndrome
Sickness in his greatness so you know they can’t kill us

We bringing that thriller that drama like God-zilla
We never been dope dealers we only sold vanilla (Ha)
They don’t know we got kilos in our bags
Full up with the passion it’s never about cash

Pre chorus
They asking why we do it
why we do it
They asking we we do it

I do it for my God father

Verse 2
Wake up in the morning man I need a Cappuccino
Got Brando on the desk aren’t got time for the casino

I see them with the scars
While I am sitting in my backseat
Waving through my window I can see them with the baggage
The luggage getting heavy but see them they keep on fighting

I am never gonna judge them man I am chilling with my bible
I am looking at the sky I can see how the vibe goes
This war got stars but we still denial

Got two eyes out they got one for that lost soul
And I am thinking to myself like
Is money worth my whole life
If I have it will I feel right
Or is it empty like the spotlight

Pre chorus
They asking why we do it

I do it for my God father ‘

It is nothing they can never change
Like the blood it is in my veins
You can trust me am not stopping no
I´ll be running untill we reach the end

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